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Our Process

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1. Assessment

Begin your journey to wellness with a comprehensive assessment of your condition.


2. Your Recovery Plan

Our expert team will craft a personalised recovery plan tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a path to a pain-free life.


3. Get Back to Active Life

Rediscover your active lifestyle with our guidance, support, and cutting-edge physiotherapy treatments.

Sandy Clarke Principal Physiotherapists and Director Logan Physio Crestmead


Who is Exercise Physiology For

Are you tired of struggling with physical discomfort, unable to fully enjoy life? We understand the frustration and pain you’re going through. At Logan Physio, we specialize in Exercise Physiology, and we’re here to guide you towards a pain-free, active life.

Picture a life where you can effortlessly climb stairs, play with your kids, or enjoy a hike without discomfort. This can be your reality, and we’re here to make it happen.

Our team of dedicated professionals at Logan Physio is committed to helping you regain your strength, mobility, and overall well-being. With tailored exercise programs, we address your unique needs, ensuring you regain your vitality and confidence.

Don’t let pain hold you back any longer. It’s time to take the first step towards a healthier, happier life. We invite you to book an appointment with us today. Let’s embark on this journey together towards a pain-free and vibrant future.


Reviews from Successful Treatments

Marlitta Long
Marlitta Long
Friendly staff and helpful sessions!
Hafiza Ali
Hafiza Ali
I really like the way lydia, the exercise physiologist show me the exercise, highly recommended. Help me with my back pain, really professionally and individualised the exercise for me..
Yuzhen Shi
Yuzhen Shi
The Logan Physio team is exceptional! I highly recommend their service to anyone seeking treatment. Justine and Lydia provided excellent care with their professionalism and expertise. I couldn't be happier with the results—I'm grateful to have regained my strength and confidence in fitness. Thank you team for your invaluable assistance!
Charlie Nolan
Charlie Nolan
Great place, always nice and friendly. They listen to you. Definitely recommend
Jack Gordon
Jack Gordon
Fixed my lower back. From a lot of pain to pain free. Thank you
Matthew Griffin
Matthew Griffin
Jonathan is brilliant, very easy to talk to. I always feel like he listens to everything I say and takes that on board. I appreciate his approach and within one week I was already feeling better after having months and months of bad back pain. I would not hesitate in using Jonathan again.
Dana's Kenny
Dana's Kenny
Today was my first day ever having to see a physiotherapist and was a great experience! The lady at the desk was very lovely and had great customer service, I was seen by Jonathan who did a great job, made me feel very comfortable and was easy to chat to and have a laugh also while being very good at his job! I look forward to recovering through this place
H Bin Abdul Rashid
H Bin Abdul Rashid
Great service
theresa kennelly
theresa kennelly
Very friendly and helpful. Left feeling great
tania heycock
tania heycock
Logan Physio has been great for me over the last 10 years, Justine and Sandy are very knowledgeable caring people who offer a great personalised service. I have attended their exercises classes for a long time which helped me with my ability to recover from a recent serious case of sepsis which resulted in me becoming a below knee amputee. Justine is now working with me to gain more strength as an amputee and is doing a great job. She is very caring and knowledgeable.


Frequently Asked Questions

Generally the earlier we begin to address a problem, the quicker we recover.

When you first hurt yourself you will generally go through an inflammatory phase which usually lasts for the first 2-3 days. During this time your tissues may be red, hot and swollen, pain will be more intense and your movement will be affected. This is due to a number of inflammatory chemicals being in the area sensitising the tissues, effecting more of a pain response in order that you protect these tissues so further damage does not occur. It is important to respect this natural phase of healing and you may feel there is not much you can do to help yourself during this phase. You may wish to apply some ice or take some paracetomol or anti-inflammatories at this point. At day 2-3 the repair phase kicks in and this is when it is a good time to see your physio. Your pain levels will be less intense and you will tolerate the assessment better and be able to start some gentle exercises and really start to move forward with your recovery.

You do not need to see a GP before you see a physio. Physios are first contact practitioners, which means physios have sufficient training that you can see them without a GP referral. If your treatment is being funded through a 3rd party such as Workcover, Medicare or CTP insurer then you will need a GP referral and possibly some other documents also. This is to ensure the third party will pay for your treatment. Please call 32008541 to discuss further if you need to clarify your situation.

If you are attending physio as a private client you will be paying privately. If you have extras cover with your health insurer they will pay a benefit to us and you will liable for the gap between what they pay and our usual fee. If your treatment is being funded through a 3rd party such as Workcover, Medicare or CTP insurer then you will need a GP referral and possibly some other documents also. This is to ensure the third party will pay for your treatment. Please call 32008541 to discuss further if you need to clarify your situation.

The benefit your health fund will pay for your treatment varies from health fund to health fund, and even within health funds dependant on your level of cover. You will need to have extras cover and have physiotherapy as one of the services covered by your extras cover. Some health funds cover physiotherapy as a matter of course others you will have had to nominate physiotherapy to be covered. The best way to ascertain how much your health fund will pay is to ask your health fund.

All of these allied health professionals practise much the same thing: non-invasive, drug-free, manual techniques, which aim to improve physical health and wellbeing. All practitioners have completed a Bachelors University degree at a minimum and are registered with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency). Physiotherapy is a more conventional, evidence-based discipline and often doctors prefer working with physios for this reason. All of these disciplines treat similar areas and it is really a matter of choice and particularly previous experience. If you have received successful treatment from any of these disciplines then that is often a likely choice for you. If you have received unsuccessful treatment at any of these disciplines, it may be a preferred option to try something different. Remember all practitioners will have their own strengths and weaknesses and may specialise in one area or another and this may be something to consider. Also, therapists have varying years of experience and more experienced therapists may be preferred.

For more info click on this link: https://www.abc.net.au/news/health/2017-03-16/physiotherapy-chiropractic-osteopathy-whats-the-difference/8360154

Massage has many benefits and can be very helpful in some situations. However, if you have had a recent injury and are unsure as to the cause of your pain seeing a physio who will look at your bones, joints and nervous system as well as your muscles may be more beneficial. A physio will also look at the bigger picture regarding your presentation and the context in which your injury occurred. A physio will also educate about factors that may be contributing to your pain, educate you about your condition and prescribe exercises to facilitate the treatment given. Often these factors are imperative to consider for your optimal recovery. Your physio has a Bachelor Degree from University as opposed to your massage therapist who may have a Diploma or Cetificate IV.



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