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Sandy Clarke Principal Physiotherapists and Director Logan Physio Crestmead


Who is GLA:D For?

Are you struggling with the relentless discomfort of Hip or Knee Osteoarthritis? At Logan Physio, we deeply understand the challenges and frustrations this condition brings into your life.

Imagine a life where osteoarthritis doesn’t dictate your every move. Where pain doesn’t overshadow your daily activities. That’s the life Logan Physio aims to provide through our GLA:D program. Originating in Denmark, this unique blend of education and exercise has helped countless individuals like you. Participants have experienced a significant 32% reduction in symptom progression, alongside notable decreases in pain and reliance on painkillers. What’s more, they’ve reported enhanced satisfaction and increased physical activity levels even a year after starting the program.

GLA:D, delivered by our certified physiotherapists, focuses on strengthening and correcting your movement patterns. This approach not only eases pain but also empowers you to apply what you’ve learned to everyday life, ensuring long-term benefits.

Ready to take the first step towards a pain-free life? Book an appointment with us at Logan Physio and explore the transformative power of GLA:D Logan. We’re here to guide you on this journey of healing and improved quality of life.


Reviews from Successful Treatments

Marlitta Long
Marlitta Long
Friendly staff and helpful sessions!
Hafiza Ali
Hafiza Ali
I really like the way lydia, the exercise physiologist show me the exercise, highly recommended. Help me with my back pain, really professionally and individualised the exercise for me..
Yuzhen Shi
Yuzhen Shi
The Logan Physio team is exceptional! I highly recommend their service to anyone seeking treatment. Justine and Lydia provided excellent care with their professionalism and expertise. I couldn't be happier with the results—I'm grateful to have regained my strength and confidence in fitness. Thank you team for your invaluable assistance!
Charlie Nolan
Charlie Nolan
Great place, always nice and friendly. They listen to you. Definitely recommend
Jack Gordon
Jack Gordon
Fixed my lower back. From a lot of pain to pain free. Thank you
Matthew Griffin
Matthew Griffin
Jonathan is brilliant, very easy to talk to. I always feel like he listens to everything I say and takes that on board. I appreciate his approach and within one week I was already feeling better after having months and months of bad back pain. I would not hesitate in using Jonathan again.
Dana's Kenny
Dana's Kenny
Today was my first day ever having to see a physiotherapist and was a great experience! The lady at the desk was very lovely and had great customer service, I was seen by Jonathan who did a great job, made me feel very comfortable and was easy to chat to and have a laugh also while being very good at his job! I look forward to recovering through this place
H Bin Abdul Rashid
H Bin Abdul Rashid
Great service
theresa kennelly
theresa kennelly
Very friendly and helpful. Left feeling great
tania heycock
tania heycock
Logan Physio has been great for me over the last 10 years, Justine and Sandy are very knowledgeable caring people who offer a great personalised service. I have attended their exercises classes for a long time which helped me with my ability to recover from a recent serious case of sepsis which resulted in me becoming a below knee amputee. Justine is now working with me to gain more strength as an amputee and is doing a great job. She is very caring and knowledgeable.


Frequently Asked Questions

GLA:D (Good Life with OsteoArthritis from Denmark) is an evidence-based program for hip and knee osteoarthritis. Combining education and exercise, it aims to improve symptoms and functional outcomes.
Adapted for low back pain, the 8-week GLA:D program incorporates evidence-based strategies, including exercise, education, core strengthening, flexibility, and posture correction. Consult healthcare professionals for personalised guidance and suitability.

To qualify for Medicare-funded team care under the arrangement, a GP referral is essential. These consultations, applicable to various types of visits, must be conducted individually, excluding group classes. While some components of the GLAD program are eligible, the group class segment is not covered.

GLA:D (Good Life with OsteoArthritis from Denmark) is an evidence-based program for hip and knee osteoarthritis. Combining education and exercise, it aims to improve symptoms and functional outcomes.
The Glad program has two components. The education component is two sessions lasting about 1 hour each. The other component is 6-8 weeks of group exercise classes.
The GLA:D program includes neuromuscular exercises designed for hip and knee osteoarthritis. Exercises aim to improve muscle strength, joint stability, and functional mobility, promoting better joint function and reduced pain.
Absolutely! The GLA:D program encourages participants to continue the learned exercises at home for ongoing self-management. This empowers individuals to maintain joint health and manage symptoms beyond supervised sessions.
Combining the GLA:D program with other treatments, such as medication or surgery, should be done under the guidance of healthcare professionals. Collaborative approaches can enhance overall osteoarthritis management, addressing various aspects of the condition for comprehensive care.
The GLA:D program, typically running for 6-8 weeks, is designed to provide benefits within this timeframe. Evidence supports the effectiveness of the program in improving symptoms and functional outcomes for individuals with hip or knee osteoarthritis during this duration.
While the GLA:D program is generally considered safe, individual responses may vary. It's crucial for participants to communicate any concerns or changes in symptoms to healthcare providers. Always consult with professionals to ensure the program aligns with individual health conditions.
Private health insurance and certain compensable third parties may cover the GLA:D program with prior approval. It's advisable to check with the insurance provider or relevant parties to confirm coverage and understand any specific requirements for approval.


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