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World Spine Day -Your Back in Action

world spine dayWorld Spine Day -Your Back in Action 

World Spine Day is a great opportunity to shine light on spinal disorders and encourage you to take steps to better health. This year the theme is ‘Your Back in Action’, emphasising the importance of physical activity and improving posture as part of good spinal health and prevention of injury.

Spinal disorders such as low back pain, scoliosis and disc disease affect millions of people worldwide. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reports that 1 in 6 Australians are suffering from back problems, and that these often lead to poorer quality of life, psychological distress and disability.

Improving your posture and exercising regularly can help improve and maintain spinal health. Exercises can be undertaken by Australians of all ages with a special program tailored for children.

Exercises can be completed at any time of day but are most beneficial when they form part of a daily routine. It’s hoped that over time all Australians will take a few minutes every day to care for their spinal health, just as they do for their dental health.

Overseas studies found that 90% of people who adopted the exercises as part of their daily routine reported a postural improvement. Approximately 80% reported that their backs are more comfortable and that they have better core stability after practising the activities for several weeks.

Physiotherapists are health professionals who have a key role in helping people with long-term conditions achieve their goals, fulfil their potential and participate fully in society. They work alongside individuals in order to improve and maximise movement and functional ability.

Physiotherapists can assess your functional movement and recommend stretches and exercises that correct those dysfunctions, restore proper function and help you build from there.

Nowadays there is a lot of advice on the internet in regards to exercise, however,  physiotherapists know the best exercises would be those that, correct dysfunction, imbalance and asymmetries in mobility and stability and then build overall, dynamic movement and strength. Ask your physio which exercise program is right for you, and your family.

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