Sports Injuries

With over 50 years of clinical experience and 40+ years of Private practice experience our team has seen bucketloads of sporting injuries. Everything from sprained ankles, strained hamstrings, shoulder reconstructions, ACL knee reconstructions, calf ruptures etc. We have seen it all and, in some cases, had it all. Feel confident that your Sports injury will be diagnosed accurately and effectively, informed oif and when radiological tests to should be conducted, and a treatment pathway chosen to get you back into your chosen sport as quickly and effectively as possible.


Having played high level competitive tennis throughout his life Sandy finds himself in a unique position to be able to understand the demands of the modern tennis game. He will be able to assist you in technique-based modelling to overcome that overuse injury, whether it be your shoulder when serving or wrist with that backhand you hit late. Sandy has the diagnostic skills and technique training to help you with even the most complex problem, and he might even give you a game at the end.


There was a time when Sandy called himself a crazy cyclist, doing 300+ kms a week and he still rides today, mainly on the road. This has given him all of the skills required to assist you in all of your injury needs on the bike. From broken bones, knee problems and back problems, he has probably had them and gotten rid of them. He can direct you towards the right advice on bike fit and sizing and even knows a few things about local rides.


Justine and Sandy have both run events and competed in running classics. They like to keep fit and healthy and find running to be a quick and easy way to cover their fitness needs in their busy lives. Performing a biomechanial analysis on running technique is an essential part of determining why different people present with different problems. Technique and biomechanical anomalies can contribute to overuse injuries. With careful analysis, education, strengthening,and advice you can overcome the challenges you face and will find success in being able to manage these injuries. We have a good working relationship with our local podiatristswho can assist you in the prescription of orthotics if required and the right shoe to wear. If you have a running injury, Logan Physiotherapy have got your injury covered, or if you want to do some cross-training (usually strength) to maximise performance and reduce injury, we can meet these needs too.

Strength Training

Our Physiotherapist regularly attend the gym themselves to undertake strength training programs. The benefits of strength training or weights as been measured to be effective for almost every age group and is not gender specific, so everyone should be doing it. Whether you want to lift competitively, or just want to supplement your training or strengthen to get over that injury, Logan Physio is on board to help.

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