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Low Back Pain Exercises

Over the years I have had many different injuries and problems including multiple back type sprains, usually with central pain but often with a right-side bias. This pain has usually begun due to a lifting type of incident and caused a sharp and acute response requiring initial rest and medications to overcome the 3 days of inflammation that occurs after a micro sprain incident.

During these 3 days I undertook light general exercise/walking and did some simple range of movement exercises involving very little pain or discomfort. Following this I undertook a more specific type of exercise program designed for my back. During my first incident this took a little time to work out what would work, but I am now very aware of the exercises that help my back.

I have had several minor back sprain incidences since and I follow the same protocol, but now I know exactly what I must do to make it better. I have 2 simple exercises I do if I start to feel my back tighten and that tends to keep any acute injuries away and I feel my back is much better now than it was 20 years ago.

I do expect that I may have a problem again in the future, but I understand that these acute episodes of pain are common and can and should be expected. The best thing I can do is continue with my 2 exercises and keep myself as healthy as possible with general cardio-vascular and strengthening exercises.


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