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Low Back Pain Treatment Guidelines

Current guidelines recommend simple first line care for the first week or two.Picture1 200x300 1

Simple first line care consists of:

  • Avoid prolonged bed-rest
  • Encourage movement – stay active and return to normal activities as soon as possible
  • Exercise- get moving!
  • Reassurance of recovery- don’t stress, the majority of cases of low back pain recover within a few months
  • Radiology is not usually required


Second line care is recommended if symptoms persist past the 1-2 week point and consists of:

  • Manual therapy
  • Use of NSAIDS
  • Graded activity programs
  • Specific movement programs

So, if your problem has persisted for 1-2 weeks without settling book an appointment with your physiotherapist.

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In chronic/complex cases the following are also recommended:

  •  Cognitive behavioural therapy
  •  Multidisciplinary team involvement
  •  Pain neuroscience education
  •  Self-management strategies
  •  Pain management program

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