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Latissimus Dorsi Stretch

Shoulder stretch for added mobility

Purpose: Your Latissimus Dorsi is a muscle that can potentially affect shoulder mobility. Especially for people or weight lifters who need good mobility for overhead position, this stretch will help position your shoulder and scapula in neutral with minimal stress and strain on other structures such as tendons and ligaments.


  1. Standing approximately 3 feet from a wall
  2. Place both hands on the wall with one on to of the other, position them as high as you can reach
  3. Have your legs in a lunge stance
  4. Begin by bending your hips whilst keeping your chest up and chin tucked in
  5. Then take a deep breath, exhale slowly and let your back sag toward the floor while maintaining your hands high above your head on the wall
  6. Hold this for 30s

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