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Exciting things are happening right here in Logan and we are proud to be a part of the Logan community and so, we are changing our name from Physiotherapy Worx to Logan Physiotherapy.


The city of Logan is a great place, full of hard-working people that don’t usually ask for help when things don’t go their way. Sandy and Justine have been working with you for the past 14 years now always with the goal of “Helping you achieve your body’s best.”

Over this period, we have grown to understand the people of Logan, what makes them tick, what they want and in some cases what they need. The idea behind Logan Physiotherapy represents all these things. We want you to feel at home with your health care provider, we want to provide services to you that are cost effective and get you results as quickly as possible so you can get back to living your life the way you want. We want to provide you with unique services which provide directly for the people of Logan, not a generic brand that offers a generic product. We want to tailor a product specifically for you. We want to provide a top shelf service providing the latest up to date physiotherapy and exercise therapy products that get results in a quick and cost-effective way.
We want to liase with other health services in the area such as your local GP and other health professionals to optimise your care. We want to develop a community of like-minded business people and health care professionals within the community to make sure you are getting the best quality of care whilst building up our local community.
We are going to do this by providing unique products into the Logan community. To keep costs at a minimum for you, we are looking at providing free talks and conducting group exercise sessions during which you complete your own personalised exercise program which will enable us to leverage our time and resources. Lower costs do not mean lower quality though as we utilise the latest evidence-based programs to maximise your treatment gains.
We are also now offering different treatment consultation times and products. After consultation with our valued clients it became clear to us that not all people are looking for the same thing when they come to our physiotherapy clinic. So, we will be offering shorter consults for those that have simpler or less time dependant issues and longer consults for more complex problems and even a premium product that involves the 2 principal therapists Sandy and Justine to provide a dual therapist care model for the more complex cases or for those that just want the most comprehensive service.
We have spent the past 14 years listening to what our clients really want and are now looking at delivering this product to you. Things are changing but they are exciting, and we think you will like the changes. Check our new website, book online or give us a call if you want us to keep “Helping you achieve your body’s best.”

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