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Hydrotherapy in Crestmead

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Logan Physio Inner Hydro

When you first injure yourself or when you are a little older and less mobile,  Hydrotherapy is great exercise to get you going.

There are many great things about Hydrotherapy:

You can extend your balance and if you fall you fall into water safely

There is a general resistance to all the activity you do

It takes weight off your legs and low back

Is enjoyable and often can be done in groups or with loved ones

Get started on a Hydrotherapy program, it is a safe and effective way to exercise, whether you are in the early stages of rehab or looking for that something different to take your fitness to the next level. Logan Physiotherapy can design a program for you no matter what your fitness level or injury.

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Our Values

We Want Everybody to THRIVE

Here at Logan Physio we want everybody to THRIVE. THRIVE embodies our values and the culture we foster at the clinic.

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Have confidence in the process

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Be authentic and communicate open

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Acknowledge everyone as an individual and respect their time and needs

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Be responsible in your decision making

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Commit to your goals

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Give 100%


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