New Patients

If you are looking into physiotherapy you will generally fit into one of these 5 categories:

  1. You have never been to Physio
  2. You haven’t been to Physio for a long time and don’t know which one to see
  3. You have recently moved to the area and are wondering who to see
  4. You have a complex problem and don’t know where to go
  5. You are looking for a second opinion on a problem that isn’t resolving with the treatment you are currently getting

We have seen many patients just like you. Wondering what to do next, concerned about the pain you’re feeling and the injury you have sustained. You may be worried about the effect the pain is having on your life and the implications for your future, will it last forever, what do I need to do to make it go away?

We are a caring and knowledgeable team of physios with a mission to build a relationship that inspires, educates and facilitates our clients to achieve optimal health and give you the freedom to live the life you want. Our focus is on fixing your pain and getting your life back to normal as fast as possible. We have helped more than 12 000 Logan locals with pain and injuries just like yours – from acute injuries to severe and chronic pain.

Our clinic has operated since 1982 and in that time, we have listened to our patient’s key frustrations and concerns. They have pain which won’t go away. They don’t know what is causing it or what to do about it. The pain affects their relationships, sleep, work and doing the things they love. They are caught up in a Workcover or CTP claim and they are confused about how to navigate it.

Are you fed up with sitting in your consult room by yourself reading a magazine while waiting for the inevitable heat pack and tingly machine, while your Physio is running madly around treating someone else?

At Logan Physiotherapy we love getting to know you, working out all your problems and progressing your treatment, in some cases further than you could ever imagine. We will treat you like a real person. You will always be with your physio 1-on-1, in individualised treatment rooms, getting personalised care. We deliver gentle, safe and effective hands on treatment and exercises that are simple and unique to you, your injury and your circumstances. Your treatment is then advanced at the pace you need, individualised, effective and gradual but always looking for progression.

Your time is valuable, we know, so is ours!!

At Logan Physiotherapy we offer a no waiting time guarantee. If you must wait more than 15 minutes beyond your treatment time for your physio appointment it will be FREE OF CHARGE.

You have the right to a pain-free life. We have seen the way in which pain affects your life – it drains your energy, causes stress, and stops you from living a full and active life.

As a physio there is nothing better than meeting someone for the first time, helping you understand your problem, getting results you never thought possible and seeing how your life changes.

If you are fed up with being in pain, take your life back!

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Health Fund only initial consult

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